Sustainable Development for Beginners

In 1987 Brundtland Commission defined sustainable development as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations the ability to meet their needs. The theory has further gone through evolution to mean that sustainable development is the development that considers environmental factors; thus business sustainability is growth and production while taking care of natural resources. Any beginner should find this theory not just as it is but because it what defines humanity and it is a legal obligation.

There are issues related to sustainable development; this article will discuss the problems and provide more knowledge. In any business, it requires resources could be organic which means that they come from fossil fuels or can be inorganic. Inorganic resources include land, fresh air, water and heavy metal such as gold. These resources have a further division to subcategories, natural and economic resources. Most of the resources in those two sub-categories have a symbiotic relationship, it is for this reason that balance is required, to ensure that even the future generation also meets to their needs.

Economic resourcesEconomic resources define the level of a person in the society. People go to school to gain knowledge on who to use the available resources to make their lives comfortable. Everybody desires to have a healthy life, but there is usually no shortcut. Investing in business has been the way of life for many people. The growth of agri-business, processing and manufacturing and many others depend on economic resources for smooth operation.

As a beginner, you have first to understand the economic resources. Economic resources have a definition by the economist is factors of production they include; land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. Land includes all the natural resources; labor consists of all human resources, capital contains all human-made resources and entrepreneurship is all resources pulled together for production. Therefore for any business, either of factors of production is used.

The factors of production demand for sustainability for the business to survive. For any element that you use you have to set objectives and goal. An objective is a specific aim that you want to achieve within a time frame with the resources available. A goal is an achievement of a purpose. Both targets and goals are integral in any business. AN entrepreneur objective can be to increase his/her income, to provide unique services or provide solutions to problems. Whatever type of an intention an entrepreneur has the goal is to make a profit. It is the expected return. Therefore the goal achievement will rely on setting the objectives right in the business plan.

Most beginners do now what they know, but they do not know what to do with it, or how to benefit from it, others know what to do, but still, it is not profitable. It is high time that people get guidance from professional business advisers. Visit our official web page, contact us, we would be glad to actualize your dream and live a stress-free life.